TS2 – A user-friendly scanner on a track geometry car

The SPACETEC TS2 has been designed for mobility and swift deployment, including in places with restricted access.


Track geometry car

Mounted on a rail vehicle, the TS2 was specially developed for railway applications. It is compact, easy to carry by two people and can be placed anywhere on the track.

A tachymeter constantly records the position of the track geometry car during measuring. This optional add-on means that in a single working step, the track position is recorded in addition to the geo-referencing of the scanned point cloud.

Modular design

The unit is based on a modular design and can easily and safely be packed up and transported.

It can be moved from the platform to the track and put into operation within a very short time.


Two simultaneous recording channels

The TS2 generates an image recording of the tunnel surface and a three-dimensional survey in a single recording process.

290° recording angle

The unit is able to capture an entire tunnel vault. With the exception of the track area, the invert level of the tunnel is also included in the recording.

10,000-point resolution in 360°

At a distance of 4 metres from the scanner and with a resolution of 10,000 scan points per scan line, adjacent scan points lie as close together as 2.5 mm.

Mirror rotation speed of 150 Hz

The mirror rotation speed is one of the features which determine the measuring speed.

At a rotation speed of 150 Hz, the system is well equipped to record larger objects.


Motor-driven track geometry car

The plug-in electric drive is a great help during measurement runs. It can be attached to the rail vehicle via a handle and moves the vehicle evenly at the set speed.

It can travel at any speed between 0.5 and 5.0 km/h.

Fold-down mechanism for safe transport

Together with the rail vehicle, the TS2 can be carried by two people and set onto the track.

The scan head’s support column can be folded down so the unit can be taken off the track quickly and safely.


Measuring track data

The unit measures and records the track gauge and cant simultaneously to the actual scanner recording.

Optional geo-referencing

The unit records kinematic tachymeter data in addition to the scan data. Thanks to specially developed software, the tachymeter data can be evaluated flexibly and efficiently linked to the scan data.