SPACETEC Datengewinnung GmbH specialises in tunnel inspections using state-of-the-art scanning methods. Our field of activity covers all the areas this task requires: We develop innovative processes, highly specialised units and software, and we carry out inspections for clients around the world.

Our services

We are prepared to scan all types of tunnel, no matter where in the world they are located.


Scanning tunnels around the world

We have the employees, devices and experience to successfully complete scanning projects all over the world.

The modular nature of our systems means they can be mounted onto almost any measuring vehicle. A high redundancy of all system components ensures greater reliability.

Work samples


The cornerstone: measuring units developed in-house

We develop both the measuring units and our software products in-house. Our development engineers are specialists in optics, mechanics, electronics and software. They also work across disciplines for our service projects and therefore possess the expertise and experience required for the practical design of our products.


Our locations

Our company headquarters are in Freiburg, a lively German university town close to France and Switzerland. The university houses many faculties, including the Faculties for Computer Sciences and Microsystems Engineering.



SPACETEC’s milestones

As inventors and pioneers of tunnel scanning, we have been working in this highly specialised field since 1982, and over the years we have gained a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience.