TS3 Three channels scanner

The TS3 tunnel scanner is specially designed to meet the highest demands without compromise. Thanks to the unit’s efficiency, even extensive measuring tasks can be carried out at reasonable expense in a suitable time frame. Large-scale projects, such as recording an entire metro network with a recording distance of 100 km, can be completed in just a few days with the TS3.



Three simultaneous recording channels

In a single recording process, the TS3 creates an image recording of the tunnel surface, a thermography recording and a three-dimensional measurement survey.

The data from the three channels are completely congruent, allowing for computer-aided combination which opens up a multitude of possibilities for analysis.


360° recording angle

The unrestricted line of sight makes it possible to capture the entire object surface in a single recording process.

10,000-pixel resolution in 360°

All three recording channels have this same high point density. This makes it possible to make recordings to identify cracks.

Maximum mirror rotation speed of 300 Hz

The mirror rotation speed is one of the features which determine the measuring speed.

Pixel rate

At the maximum mirror rotation speed, the pixel rate is 3 MHz.

Highly flexible

The TS3 tunnel scanner can be installed in virtually any vehicle which offers enough space and load capacity for the scanner head and the control console. These could be road vehicles, for instance vans or off-road vehicles, or rail vehicles of any kind.

This makes the TS3 suitable for any type of application, both on roads and on rails.

It is also suitable for special applications such as measuring power plant tunnels or water pipelines.