TS4 recording system

MS 4

The SPACETEC TS4 system boasts the same advantages as the three-channel TS3 scanner and additionally supplies high-quality colour images. Thanks to its impressive image resolution, the TS4 captures the smallest details, even at high recording speeds .


Additional recording channel for colour images

With the TS4 expansion, four channels can be recorded in a single passage through the tunnel:

  • Laser intensity image (greyscale)
  • 3D point cloud
  • Thermal image
  • RGB colour image

Colour images are a valuable tool for structural inspections, revealing details in the data that would remain hidden or difficult to see in a laser scan alone. Previously, such details could only be seen on site, but with the TS4 recording technique, this information is now also available for in-office analysis.

  • Colour markings are easily identified.
  • The condition of the surface can be better assessed.
  • Corrosion is visible.
  • Materials can be identified .
  • Recent spalling is clearly evident.

High-resolution images deliver a wealth of detail

The TS4 provides information on the condition of the tunnel in an unprecedented degree of detail. Click on the image at right to display it in full resolution.

The high resolution reveals subtle details. In this example, you’ll notice:

  • the rusted wires of a steel grid protruding from the edge of the shotcrete layer
  • drips of sintered material
  • an open joint on the edge of the exposed stone

The true-colour display makes it easier to identify materials and corrosion. Colour markings are clearly visible.

MS 4-T

High-speed measurements

The TS4 system delivers high-speed measurements in high resolution, ensuring that any disturbances or interruptions to traffic are minimised.

Fully integrated colour channel

The additional sensor system is the perfect complement to our tried-and-tested TS3 laser scanner. All of the advantages of the TS3 system are fully maintained.

The TS4 expansion is not limited to hardware components. We have also supplemented our methods for processing scan data in order to fully integrate the colour channel into the TS4 results.

The analysis suite of Tunnel Inspector, TuView and TuDrive has been updated, making it possible to use the colour channel in combination with the other recording channels. Colour data is seamlessly integrated into the software tools and learning to work with the data is simple.

The 3D detail at right provides an example. The point cloud is textured using RGB colours.

The RGB image can be superimposed over both the greyscale image produced by the laser scanner and the thermal image, offering the user a complete range of information.