Tunnel Info – data management made easy


Tunnel Info is a program developed to help clients working with large data sets. When combined with a large-capacity storage medium, it offers a variety of advantages and opens up new possibilities. The software can be customised in accordance with the needs of our clients.


Quicker access to data

Since all data are directly available on the hard drive, there is no need to connect or mount a storage medium. The data can be displayed and analysed at top speed.

Management of supplementary data

In addition to the actual scanner data, Tunnel Info can be used to manage other forms of information such as photos, videos, drawings and texts and make them available to the user for support.

Start centre for analysis programs

Our complete suite of analysis programs — TuView, Tunnel Inspector and TuDrive — can be launched directly from Tunnel Info with the selected tunnel (metre).

Data comparison

Documentation of the structure prior to opening. Verification of clearance conditions