Inspection of a water pipe



Energy company A2A

Task definition

Documentation of the building condition


  • Recording with the TS3
  • Total length of 1.6 km

The project in detail

In the northern Italian region of Lombardy, close to the Swiss border, a hydroelectric power plant is operated by A2A, the second-largest national energy generator.

Beneath the Valgrosina dam, a water pipe system branches out. In the Premadio-Valgrosina area, close to the town of Bormio, a length of pipe measuring 1600 m in length needed to be captured by the TS3 scanner to inspect its condition.


The water in the pipes was drained for several weeks for maintenance work. During this time frame, we performed the scan of the tunnel in one day shift. To do this, the measurement equipment was installed onto a jeep.

The conditions during the measuring were difficult, as the water was knee-deep in some places.



The main focus of the data analysis was on recording visual damages and profile deformations.

The thermograph recording was also used to support analysis of the structure’s condition.

Warm water can clearly be seen behind the tunnel cladding in the illustration. In the visual channel, this cannot be detected.