R2: Ergonomic system for measuring objects close to the track


Rail operations require a complex and extensive infrastructure, including lots of components such as signals. Masts, platform edges and roofs are situated close to the tracks, directly adjacent to the clearance space required by the vehicles. All objects close to the track are checked as part of regular inspections. The data collected in these inspections is also used in planning for out-of-gauge cargo. The SPACETEC R2 has been developed and optimised to meet the specific requirements of this measurement task.


Area of application

The SPACETEC R2 was developed for taking measurements at individual points along the track. The unit is placed on the track and is used to measure

  • objects near the track
  • fixed points
  • overhead wires and cables
  • tunnel profiles
  • cants

Main features

  • A laser distance meter and an inclinometer measure the positions.
  • The recorded measurement values are stored in an internal memory unit. The R2 can also be controlled from a laptop via Bluetooth.
  • The unit can be used on both standard-gauge and metre-gauge railways.
  • The R2 runs smoothly on rollers.
  • The unit is designed for uninterrupted measuring over several hours and is easy to operate and move.

Many of the unit’s properties and in particular the analysis software can be customised to suit each client’s requirements.


Precision measuring

The components and the sophisticated mechanical system enable precision measuring.

Ergonomic operation

The control buttons and the display are arranged to guarantee the user a comfortable, upright posture while measuring. The display is large and easy to read. It can be moved into the desired position using a handle.

Depending on the position of the measuring head, three different buttons can be used to take measurements.

Easy movement along the track

The R2 can be pushed smoothly and easily along the track. Weighing just 9 kg, the unit can easily be carried by its handle or over the shoulder. The weight is well distributed.


All-day operation

Both the integrated battery pack and the measurement value memory enable the unit to operate for over eight hours and take multiple thousand measurements.


Integrated GPS

The unit’s position is continuously recorded and is saved in the memory every time a measurement is taken.

Built-in Bluetooth connection to an external laptop

The R2 is fitted with a Bluetooth interface, making it possible to transfer measurements directly to a laptop. This proves invaluable if further analysis is required on site.

PC software

The R2 uses software designed specifically for track-side work.

The control panels are large and backlit in colour, making it easy to operate and read even in bright sunlight.

The measurement data can be received via Bluetooth and combined with other information. Violations of a selected clearance profile can be detected immediately.

A range of functions are available for in-office analysis.

The measurement data must typically be entered into databases so that the tracks can be given clearance. The analysis software and possibilities for export can be customised to suit the requirements of the client.