Metro Brussels: clearance check prior to procurement of new rolling stock



Metro Brussels


Scan of the entire metro system for recording and documenting the actual condition. The 3D data are to be used to determine the network clearances before introducing new rolling stock.


  • Recording with the SPACETEC TS3
  • 103 kilometres in total

The project in detail

The metro network of the Belgian (and European) capital Brussels includes classic underground lines and tramway lines leading underground, the latter known as Pre-Metro. Before putting new carriages into service, the task was to survey the tunnel profiles and to record the nature and condition of the tunnel surfaces in the entire tunnel network of the Metro and Pre-Metro lines – 103 kilometres in total.

The data were intended to be used for the comprehensive and full-surface assessment of the clearance conditions by way of a “clearance chart” which would immediately show any points where the clearance became tight and narrow for the new carriages. With the help of synchronously recorded images, these narrow points can be assigned to specific causes, e.g. impairments from the roof arches, fixtures or platform edges.

Following a European invitation for tenders, the Brussels public transport operators STIB/MIVB awarded the contract for the tunnel survey to SPACETEC.


Measurements had to be taken without interfering with the normal passenger transport routines. This meant that measurements could only be taken during the nightly breaks in operation lasting about 4 hours.

SPACETEC used a three-channel tunnel scanner of the SPACETEC TS3 model which was mounted on a vehicle provided by the network operator. The scanner has a 360° visual field and – thanks to its system power – allowed the speedy completion of the measuring runs within the specified time window. After eleven night shifts in total, the 103 kilometres were “in the bag”.


Data evaluation

The data were installed on a RAID system together with the Tunnel-Info software on the customer’s system for the convenient management of the large number of tunnel sections.

With the help of the TuView software, also supplied by SPACETEC, the customer was able to complete the clearance charting with its differing target profiles.